Tuesday, June 2, 2009

About Klub Psychology (KP)

Klub Psychology, popularly known as Klub, is our collective dream. Our motto is “With strength, intellect, patience and dedication, Youth and Karma for a change in psychosocial services.”

We laid its foundation stone on 28th Paush 2064 B.S./ January 2008 with expertise from different faculties of Human Science in order to address all level of mental health. At present, Klub is a self sustained social organization. We aspire to make it “A Hammer against all psychosocial problems.” Sure Klub in near future would be an “ultimate junction of clients and professionals for the common purpose of navigating their psyche.”

Mission: The mission of our Klub is to provide and address all level of mental health services. Klub is aligned to create a distinction in the services provided through the production of different experts via the establishment of mental health and allied academic institutions. We hope, we would be able to create a mecca of mental health services. We have embarked on this tough and long journey. We are for sure there will be your encouragement, support and guidance.

Goals: Our goal is to create a milieu for psychosocial services. In a developing country like Nepal, what we believe is a loss of national economy, is millions of fund invested in health sectors and importing medicine and medical facilities. Our programs, approaches integrate and intercept the vary theme that if we are able to save this lost economy, we may be able to utilize it for food, education, building better homes and building a better country- a common man’s dreams. It is through psychological awareness about the nature of problem and probable solutions that we can achieve this goal.

Commitments: We are committed towards providing quality psychosocial services which is our motto too. You will feel and observe innovative changes in psychosocial services. Klub always provides a conducive environment and impart knowledge, you would realize. We don’t only intent to commercialize our psychosocial services and sell tickets. We give an equal opportunity for the learning, exploring, developing expertise and leadership about the range of psychosocial services provided by the Klub so that our clients are able to carry these range of skills further on their own. We hope to create self-sufficient clients.

We offer: At present we render you with Capsule Therapy that incorporates innovated forms of Dance Therapy, Music therapy, Colour & Art therapy and Counselling. We also provide Individual Counselling, Group Counselling; Relaxation Techniques with our own designated name and approaches. In few months time we would organize Psychiatric Clinic, Meditation, Yoga and Ayurvedic Clinics; Mobile Mental Health Camp. There are lots of other programs ahead for you to explore and participate. Our group of expertise and dedicated members of the Klub has an inclusion of psychologist, psychotherapist, medical technician, academician, musicians, artists, social workers, administrators, consultant, lawyer, expert of security agencies, engineer, etc.

Your participation is what we hope.

Healthy suggestions and constructive encouragement is a must Capsule for the Klub and KPians. We still have many rooms left for improvements and to implement your creative critiques and innovative ideas.

We hope you there with us.

For further enquiry, please contact us at:
Klub Psychology
Kathmandu, Nepal
klubpsychology@gmail.com; klubpsychology.blogspot.com