Monday, April 16, 2012


You have appeared SLC or other exams and waiting for results. May be at this time, you are busy around various bridge course preparing yourself for further academics and tough entrance exam for gateway to best colleges. May be you are refreshing and revitalizing after a hectic academic schedule or exhausting exams. You are trying to engage yourself and enjoy an approximately 3 month's long vacation. You want to use this time to fulfill your long awaited dreams, want to go on a long trekking with your friends or family. Awesome!!!

We know you have prepared very well for your leap into a new academic life but are you really prepared for real life ahead and heading towards a better tomorrow? How would you deal with the ups and downs in your life where you are devoid of any selfless help and care as from parents and teachers? Are you ready to handle these psychological pressures in relationships and college, among friends and with your beloved expectations, between your family members? Can you deal other life pressure and make your way towards your dream? Have you thought of it before?

This LIFE MANAGEMENT bridge course: LIFE AT BETTER TOMORROW is a workshop/ training that will guide your prospect after school. It gives you with skills and insight for a better life tomorrow. We will interact with you, teach you some life and relationship management skills, personality development etc. etc. Dreams, life goals, life reality, socialization, adolescence role, different life hurdles, resiliency and endurance would be taken into interaction, discussed upon and drawn conclusions.

You would also be introduced to Yog and Pranayam to ease these hurdles and pressures. Your association with us for sure would be fruitful. Teaching and learning would go hand by hand. So what are you waiting for?
This bridge course has the following profiles:

For: SLC Appeared and all interested, 15 limited seats

Starts/Durations: 2nd week of Baisakh/ 1 & half hour daily.

Mode of entry: Bio data, interest and commitments expressed in application and personal interview.

Fields covered: Medicine, Psychology, Yog and Meditation; Career Counselling and Practical.
Tutors: Psychosocial Engineers, Yog Guru, Therapist

Guru Dakshina/ Must pay back: 1 week of volunteer ship on call by Klub Psychology

Prospective students can contact with their Bio-data and recent academic certificate @ KLUB PSYCHOLOGY. You can ask specific inquiries and the way towards Klub Psychology mailing: or contact Mr. KP @ 9805816321; 9856028628; 9856020845


Seto Ghoda, Sabhagriha Chowk-8, Pokhara, Nepal

URL: http://